Annual fashion colors for spring and summer 2020

Annual fashion colors for spring and summer 2020

The winter solstice is over and spring is just around the corner.

With the recently released 2020 Pantone annual fashion colors and the spring breeze of the design elements widely used by designers in the two major fashion weeks (London & New York), we will now start the exploration journey of spring and summer 2020 clothing ~

Color of 2020: Soothing classic blue!

"Many people see 2020 as the future, but we are standing here, just don't know where to go and who to believe. The classic blue makes people calm and at ease and gives us the confidence to move on."

——Laurie Pressman, Vice President of Pantone Color Research Institute

Recently, the American color consulting company Pantone announced the predicted 2020 color of the year-PANTONE 19-4052 classic blue. Compared with the annual colors of pastel green, ultraviolet light or coral orange in previous years, classic blue gives a kind of feeling of tranquility and calmness is soothing and reassuring.  

Classic blue is not only used in home improvement and design works but also widely appears in people's lives, such as jeans, Pepsi classic blue packaging.

Annual fashion colors for spring and summer 2020

For mode lovers this is the time for boldly use classic blue as the design element of the 2020 fashion category, blending quiet and calm colors into your fashion items.

  1. Inventory: Popular elements of spring and summer 2020 clothing!Large printing, opening a new wave of women's clothing in spring and summer 2020

2020 Milan Spring and Summer Fashion Week Versace (Versace) show, the famous American singer & actor Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) with a jungle printed green dress finale appearance, stunning four.

Jennifer Lopez's perfect appearance announced that "printed elements" will debut as the main popular element in 2020, and will shine in the spring and summer 2020 fashion trends.

Annual fashion colors for spring and summer 2020

Palm leaves, plants, and sea sunset ...... Tropical Storm breath of large prints appeared frequently in the spring and summer 2020 Fashion Week, the fashion magazine "Vogue" said a tropical storm map printing case bound 2020 prints is unique.

Annual fashion colors for spring and summer 2020

In addition to the tropical storm series of printing, 6070s wallpaper printing, retro printing, boho style, and other printing styles are also widely used by many well-known designers in the big show of Prada, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, which shows that the printing pattern is especially large The trend of printing patterns is remarkable. true self or will become the motto of the fashion industry in 2020.


     2.Retro and classic, never-ending coat elements

Annual fashion colors for spring and summer 2020

The iconic wide shoulder, slender version, simple and smooth retro suits are once again popular, and the 70-year-old hippie and rebellion have revived with the popular spell and appeared in the wardrobe of European and American hipsters.

Annual fashion colors for spring and summer 2020

In the fashion circle, retroelements are an inexhaustible source of the design. Compared with the polka dots that popular in spring and summer of 2019 and the British retro floral. What is the trend of this year's retro wind?

In the design of jackets, "Bazaar" magazine keenly found that the designers boldly tried a wide retro collar with color matching, adding a trace of unruly and casual to the traditional long tube coat.

Annual fashion colors for spring and summer 2020

In the span of a century, it has always been difficult to have innovative styles of windbreakers that can shake the fashion status of double-breasted windbreakers. The double-breasted trench coat has become a must-have item for many actresses such as Audrey Hepburn to go out of the street and has also left wonderful silhouettes of romance and free and easy in film and television works.

The classic never ends, and the spring/summer 2020 fashion items still have a beige double-breasted trench coat.

  1. Crochet: hand-made intellectual and elegant

Mature urban women love to crochet, this slightly simple and childlike but very humane sense of handicraft satisfies their desire to return to nature.

The designers engraved the idyllic idyll of the modern people's ideals through crochet elements in the present moment, allowing people to feel tranquility and joy in the world.

Annual fashion colors for spring and summer 2020

In the spring and summer of 2020, dressed in crochet, you can have both comfort and kindness and elegance and intelligence.

Fashion category as one of the most important categories Wish, change and development of European and American fashion elements affect many sellers' hearts.

I believe that this article's inventory and interpretation of annual colors and popular elements can more effectively help sellers grasp the essence of spring and summer 2020 fashion elements and create fashion items that meet the aesthetic taste of European and American consumers.

Spring and summer 2020 is only a few months, this is the right time to prepare 2020 fashion items! In addition to brand designers, you can also influence and shape the dress of European and American consumers! (Source:  Wish Merchant Platform )

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photographer: Renato Abati - Fotografo da @longlifephotography


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