Are tattoos harmful to your health? there are any side effects over time?

Are tattoos harmful to your health? there are any side effects over time?

To put it clearly, a tattoo is to puncture all-time low of the skin with a needle with different shades of ink to produce some patterns or words on the skin, so it is destructive to your skin, so you need to birth these threats:

Threat of infection. If the tattoo device is not purely disinfected, it is most likely to lug a variety of pathogenic microorganisms as well as infections, such as liver disease B infection, which can attack the body with little damage to the skin as well as mucous membranes, as long as there is a little blood of 0.00004 ml, The hepatitis B infection can conceal in it and infect others.

It may create infection. Polluted ink or inadequate disinfection of needles as well as tattoos can create microbial infections. Infections generally show up 4 to 22 days after the tattoo, ranging from cellulitis as well as little pustules to large abscesses that require water drainage from the medical cut.

  Are tattoos harmful to your health? there are any side effects over time?

      The hygiene of the tattoo and the technical level of the tattoo artist may also affect your health. The ink pierced into the skin will gradually be swallowed by macrophages. This is one of the reasons why your tattoo will become lighter over time.

     The macrophages that have swallowed the ink will flow back to the heart along the blood circulation, and then flow into the lungs. Alveoli, the ink accumulated in the lungs will stain the lungs "colorful". Of course, you can't see it. More importantly, the ink accumulated in the lungs can cause genetic mutations and cause lung cancer risk factors.




  No matter how natural pigments are, no matter how pollution-free needles are, they may cause unexpected minor injuries. It's just that the damage will not have an immediate effect. Sometimes the skin is itchy, and the strange eyes are not strong enough to conceal it. 

      The situation is new. No matter how beautiful tattoos are, they are not as good as their own natural flawless skin, not to mention the circulation of blood over time. The skin is no longer firm and brilliance, the patterns become fuzzy and wrinkled, and the once psychological satisfaction has become a stain on the body.


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