Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening , Benefits , and usage !

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening, Benefits, and usage!

Why do I need to whiten teeth?

Teeth will turn yellow with age, and daily contact with food and beverages (such as tea and coffee) will discolor the surface. Tartar or calculus can also affect the coloring of teeth. Some people may cause certain bacterial infections during tooth development or small cracks in the teeth.

Is teeth whitening suitable for you?

Naturally, before any treatment, a thorough examination and diagnosis should be performed. It is recommended to zoom and polish before teeth whitening.

The success of teeth whitening depends on the cause of discoloration, the time of discoloration and other factors. At any age, coffee, tea or smoking can stain your teeth. Patients with healthy teeth, natural and unfilled, usually achieve good results. Compared to teeth with deep inherent discoloration caused by fluoride or tetracycline, teeth blackened by external or surface stains respond better to bleaching. These types of stains are unlikely to produce noticeable results. It is generally not recommended to bleach sensitive or worn teeth. Teeth with large fillings or crowns; and teeth affected by gum disease.

What is tooth whitening? What are the steps for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure to reduce the natural color of teeth without removing any tooth structure.

Whitening options include whitening in the home or office and using tooth whitening trays and gels.

  • Regular teeth whitening works well. This process can be performed in the dental clinic in just over an hour. However, the cost of doing so is higher, but the time that can be saved by getting results immediately makes this option more attractive. The protective gel layer is placed on your gums, close to the teeth and hardens. Then apply the whitening gel to the teeth and the Laser Kit connected with a smartphone or any USB device.
    Compared to office bleaching, tooth whitening household tool sets take longer to obtain the desired results but are more convenient in time and more cost-effective. Apply the tooth whitening gel (about one-third of the tube) to the tray according to the dentist's instructions. After putting it in your mouth, you should gently wipe off any excess gel that comes out. Depending on the concentration of the gel, these transparent trays are usually worn for a few hours a day or overnight, and it usually takes several weeks to see a noticeable effect.
  • For regular whitening and household kit whitening agents, certain foods that cause stains (such as red wine and tomato paste) must be avoided during whitening.

Dental whitening kits provided by dentists produced faster and more effective results because they contained stronger peroxide bleach than whitening kits purchased over the counter.

The benefit of the dental trays and gels used by dentists is that the dental trays are customized. They are completely suitable for your teeth, so you can protect your gums from the teeth whitening gel.

Will teeth whitening hurt my teeth?

To the best of our knowledge, there are no harmful literature records, and microscopic studies have shown that using 10% bleached gel does not change the tooth surface. No research has shown that we have irreversible damage to tooth structure.

What if my teeth are sensitive during tooth whitening?

Using potassium nitrate or prescription-grade fluoride can help close the pores of dentin to prevent nerve stimulation and reduce sensitivity. Doctors can also apply some special medicines in sensitive areas to reduce sensitivity

How long can whitening teeth last?

It is very important to have a correct mentality to face the expectations before and after whitening. Usually, the effect will be seen immediately after whitening, and then it will fade a little. After that, it will last for about two years, sometimes longer, but, There are several influencing factors such as diet and habits (such as smoking) that can cause pigmentation to occur again. It is recommended to use it every 3.6 months to maintain the color you want.

How about the products purchased in the store/pharmacy?

It is not recommended to buy market trading suits, because they only contain a small amount of whitening effect materials, he will reduce the whitening effect, some also add some weak acid, while others are raw materials you don’t know,

Although these products will be cheaper, tooth whitening is a complex treatment process that can only be performed after a comprehensive system evaluation of your teeth and gums by the dentist, and then under the guidance of the dentist to complete the treatment and ensure that you can be on time See a doctor.